How the Regatta is Run

The CRAB (Classic Regattas Anglo-Breton) Association is an Unincorporated Members Association with the aim of securing the future independence of the Regatta and to give the entrants a voice in how it should be run and developed.

The owner or skipper of each boat entered in the current Regatta automatically becomes a member for two years from the date of the Regatta (anyone can opt out if they wish). From 2017 crew members also become associate members and pay a small one-off subscription of £5 or 5€ for a two year membership. At each Regatta there will be a general meeting to elect the officers of the Association for the next two years and advise on the future direction of the Association and the Regatta. The organisation is therefore truly democratic and the entrants effectively own the Regatta.

See the minutes of the 2017 AGM here.

The Regatta is managed by a separate company, Classic Channel Regatta Ltd, which is a company limited by guarantee. A board of trustees hold the company in trust for the Association, but the directors and management of the Company are legally separate from the Association and its members. The liability of the company is limited to £1 per member (or shareholder). The reason for having a separate company is to ensure that the CRAB Association members are not exposed to any potential liabilities arising from the running of the Regatta. In addition to that, both the Association and the Company have comprehensive insurance cover which includes public liability and third party insurance of £5 million.

Read the full constitution

So that Association members and their crews can meet up occasionally between Regattas we have set up a very informal social ‘Crab & Bottle Club’ which has no fixed abode and meets whenever and wherever the spirit takes it. These have taken the form of a laying-up suppers and a fitting-out suppers. So far these have been in Dartmouth and very well attended, but may move to other locations in the future.

If you would like to become an associate member of CRAB, please contact us by clicking on one of the links below:

UKClick here to send a message to the UK Enquiries team
France and mainland Europe: Click here to send a message to the French Enquiries team