The Spirit Of The Regatta Trophy

For each Regatta since 2011 we have commissioned an original painting to represent the Spirit of the Regatta. It features in our publicity for the Regatta and the framed original or fine art print is presented as the ‘Spirit of the Regatta Trophy’ at the end of the Regatta to the boat and crew that has best represented the Corinthian ethos of the Regatta. The 2022 Spirit of the Regatta painting below is an original by naive artist Vivien Thorogood.

Past winners have been:

2007 – Clarionet
2009 – Cervantes IV
2011 – Triune of Troy
2013 – Marianna
2015 – Manduvi
2017 – Lodestar
2019 – Kraken II
2022 – Viveza

For 2017 we had a watercolour by Paimpolaise artist Isabelle Lagrange Plumier. Her book “Des hommes au service des Phares” was given as a prize at the 2015 Classic Channel Regatta. To visit Isabelle’s website: click here

In 2015, 2013 and 2011 the well known Paimpolaise marine artist, Guy L’Hostis was the Regatta’s ‘on board’ artist. Guy L’Hostis’ gallery and studio are at: 13 rue des Huit Patriotes, 22500 Paimpol, or visit his website: click here