Notice of Race

Advice to Competitors

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2022-2023  Category 3. 

Structural and Equipment Requirements

The Classic Channel Regatta runs its Classic Channel Race (Legs 1 & 2) under World Sailing (WS) Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) Cat 3 with the addition of a requirement to carry a liferaft which conforms to  ISO 9650 and includes a minimum Pack 2 (less than 24 hour pack). The full specification is found in section 4.20 of WS OSR. Please note that under World Sailing rules AIS is now mandatory for any yacht competing in a Cat 3 race.

We do recognise that many Classic Yachts were designed before the current WS rules came into effect. For that reason we allow Competitors to apply for a dispensation where they cannot comply with these rules in terms of Structural Conformity. This includes such things as Guardrails and Cockpit design. However we will not allow dispensations where non-compliance concerns safety equipment listed in section 4-6 and many of the items in Section 3 where such items concern the ability of a yacht to perform offshore for extended periods for example any overnight passages. This includes fully enclosed accommodation, bunks (so off duty crew can rest), proper cooking facilities and dedicated freshwater tanks.  For this reason “dayboats” are unlikely to meet these requirements even if they meet the safety equipment requirements of OSR Cat3. They may however meet the requirements for Cat4.

Keels and Rudders

WS brought in a requirement in 2022 that all yachts competing in Cat 3 races and above must have an “appropriately qualified person” survey  the Keel and Rudder in the 24 months prior to a race and after any grounding. This was impracticable for many Classic Yachts as the inspection focussed on things like keel bolts, hull matrix and associated delamination issues which are applicable to GRP modern hulls but not many of our fleet. So we allowed a dispensation. The rules have now been revised so that for CAT 3 races the owner (or their representative) must have done a keel and rudder inspection within the past 24 months or after any grounding. We think that is reasonable and what any Owner of a Classic Yacht will almost certainly have done in the 24 months prior to the CCR. Whilst the check list is most applicable to Modern GRP hulls the principle of checking such things as bearing tolerance on rudders remains common to all and is a useful aide memoire.

Inspection Card CAT3 compliance

Included here is the Inspection card which is applicable to Cat 3 Races. The CCR does not provide inspections (but may if we suspect a breach of the regulations). It is a useful Check List for offshore racing.

All of these regulations can be found at  World Sailing as can the requirements for Cat4 Races.