Participant Feedback

Take a look at some of the comments received from competitors after previous regattas.

“La plus belle régate du monde.”

Gaspard de la Nuit – 2019

“I want thank you for organising what we agreed unanimously was the best regatta we have been to – ever. With 200+ years of regatta sailing experience on board, we have been to quite a few. The programme was excellent, the locations stunning, the administration and the race management impeccable.”

Polar Bear – 2019

“You can be sure that the 2019 regatta was a triumph. We had a terrific time. The best regatta there is.”

Charm of Rhu – 2019


“C’est la plus belle Regate classique de la façade atlantique!”

J-C F. Lasse – 2019

“My new crew absolutely loved the event and it was the highpoint of my year.”

Rompa -2019



Viveza -2019


“It is more than just a regatta…it is life enhancing!”

Lodestar -2019

“What a triumph that regatta turned out to be! You must have been very pleased that the conditions were excellent and so many people were enjoying themselves so fully. I take my hat off to you for creating such a vibrant event out of thin air. Having organised a couple of smaller regattas myself, I know just how much work goes into them and this one was a massive success. Thank you for giving your time and spirit so generously for all our benefit.”

Sonata – 2017

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that wonderful regatta, it was an absolute pleasure to be included and involved, a feast for the eyes with all those lovely yachts parading in their finery…  The reception the French gave us, and the organisation and trouble they went to in order to get us all into Paimpol and Lezardrieux in time, was very impressive.”

Mikara – 2017.

“As always, it’s an immense pleasure and honour to take part in it. Well done and thank you to the whole organising team – this year’s programme was particularly enjoyable.”

Cervantes IV – 2017

“What a privilege to have been accepted into a passionate fellowship of people and boats of such diverse character, heritage and example; thank you all for the setting. The inclusion of the story board for each entrant was a perfect touch, and also helps us entrants to become bi-lingual with our boats’ histories.”

Woodwind – overall winner of the 2017 regatta.

“The crew of Ella would like to thank you all so much for the most fabulous regatta. We had the best time and even came away with prizes including the ever elusive Salcombe Gin and a pair of Dubarry Boots!! Plans are already in place for the next one.”

Ella – 2017

“For all of us that sailed with Tamarind we would like to give a thanks to everyone who organised the Channel Regatta – we had a wonderful time and I know I shall be struggling to find berths for all those that want to take part in 2019!”

Tamarind – 2017

“A huge thank you to you and your indefatigable team for what has been, without question, one of the best sailing experiences of my life… Best 10 days sailing I’ve had.”

Ballyhoo – 2017

“I never got around to thanking you personally for a superb regatta last year. As you may know we followed on immediately with the Panerai [Cowes] regatta and then the RYS bicentenary and your regatta was by far and away the most enjoyable with entry into Paimpol being one of the best and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.”

Gulvain – 2015

“Thank you very much from all on Tamarind for this years regatta , everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously, the organisation was fantastic and we are already planning how to win the next dance classique!”

Tamarind – 2015.

“Thank you for a wonderful regatta – I am sorry we could not stay for prizegiving, but the next regatta calls! – it will be hard though to match the wonderful week of racing we have had. Thank you once again for all the hard work which goes into putting on an event like this for the pleasure of so many crews.”

Kelpie – 2015

“Just a quick note to thank you all very much indeed for organising another brilliant event. The arrival into Paimpol was great fun and it was lovely to see beautiful yachts being appreciated.”

Gulliver of Southampton – 2015

“Please accept the thanks of the Betty Alans for the extraordinary job you and your colleagues did on the organisation of the Channel Regatta. As newbies it struck us that you found the right balance of organisation and improvisation, so it was both relaxed and reassuring, and of course to have such diversity of sailing in one week was wonderful.”

Betty Alan – 2015

“A very big thank you, once again, from all of us on board Cervantes for all your hard work organising another memorable Classic Channel Regatta. It really was a fantastic edition.”

Cervantes IV – 2015

“Thank you for a superbly organised 2013 Classic Channel Regatta which delivered on all counts and more. Your formula is certainly a winning one … an event we will fondly remember for some time to come and cannot wait for the next one.”

Splash 2013

“Thank you for an amazing regatta …. It is a huge privilege to come and sail with you and the amazing people and their boats… and applaud you and the team for everything you do. The administration is seamless, the locations are superb and the whole thing is just right…. We are already planning to get back for the regatta in 2015.”

Wishstream 2013

“Quite unlike the atmosphere at any other regatta – Fantastic.”

Mikara 2013

“Absolutely worth sailing 700 miles against the wind [from Holland] to get to.”

Marianna 2013

“I continue to marvel at all the effort you must have expended to organise such a perfectly run event. As usual it was so enjoyable that I shall just have to carry on and try to make it back again in 2015.”

Triune of Troy 2013