Danse des Classiques.

“It is really not a race, but the opportunity for classic yachts to sail
a course round three buoys, to be admired, like dancing belles in a ballroom.”

We created this event in 2015 and repeated it in 2017. It has proved to be very popular and great fun and is now a regular feature of the Regatta.

Learning from previous years, the format in 2019 will be a little different – the course will be more open and in clearer water than in 2017. It will be held near the approach channel to Paimpol, not off Île de Brêhat, and will be limited to 45 minutes.

Crews are encouraged to get into the spirit of the Danse by dressing ship and crew in all their finery. Fancy dress is encouraged, but don’t worry if that’s not your thing, just come as you are and enjoy taking part.

Boats and crews will be assessed by a panel of judges who will be looking for various creative elements:

  • Best creatively dressed crew
  • Best creatively presented boat (decoration, handling, sail configuration)
  • Best music and dance performed by crew.

There will, of course, be prizes.

For spectators there will be a special Bréhat Vedette (250 passengers). A commentator will be on board to describe each boat, its characteristics and its history. Tickets can be purchased in Paimpol: at the Office de Tourisme or the Vedettes boutique (Place de la République).

Photo courtesy of Miranda Delmar-Morgan