About the 2021 Regatta

The Classic Channel Regatta is a unique event with its own distinctive blend of racing, passage making and informal parties. Calling at three of the finest ports in the English Channel, it brings together a fine collection of classic yachts and their crews from many countries to celebrate the joy and spirit of the golden age of sailing and racing.

The regatta is biennial and the 2021 regatta will run from July 6 th – 14 th with a registration day on the 5 th . It will follow the successful and well proven formula of previous Classic Channel Regattas sailing from Dartmouth to the Channel Islands (this year going to St Helier in Jersey) before continuing on to Paimpol in Brittany.

The regatta will again start with Dartmouth Classics and two days of racing in Start Bay. Then the Classic Channel Race from Dartmouth to St Helier will start on the afternoon of Thursday 8 th and finish at St Helier during Friday. There will be two nights in St Helier with a race – Raid des Minquiers – on Saturday. The Classic St Helier – Paimpol Passage Race sets sail from St Helier on Sunday morning to arrive in Paimpol in the evening.

Monday 12 th will be an ‘Interlude Day’ of rest and activities in and around Paimpol – a welcome pause from racing to enjoy the charms of Paimpol.

Tuesday is the day of the last race – La Course du Tour de l’Île de Bréhat. Boats will lock out of Paimpol on the tide for this afternoon race around the island of Béhat, followed in the evening by the very popular Danse des Classiques off Paimpol before a late evening Parade of Sail of back into harbour which will be the start of the town’s Fête Nationale celebrations.

Wednesday 14 th (France’s Bastille Day) will be the Finale Day of the regatta with the boats and crews at the very heart of the town’s festivities. As well as another opportunity to enjoy the charms of Paimpol, there will be fun sports and activities for those with energy to burn – blindfold dinghy racing, an England v Rest of the World cricket match and a France v Rest of the World Boules competition). In the evening will be the final prizegiving and supper party followed by the town’s firework display.

Throughout the regatta, as well as the racing, we hope there will be the usual full programme of suppers, parties and receptions in each port, with the accent is very much on informality – you can definitely leave the No1 yachting kit at home as the regatta prides itself on its relaxed Westcountry and Breton ambiance.

We are hoping that life will be sufficiently back to normal by July to be able to run the regatta without any Covid related restrictions. However, we are aware that some social distancing and travel restrictions could still be in place. We have, therefore, a number of contingency plans to cope with whatever restrictions are in place at the time in order to run the regatta in compliance with the prevailing regulations of the authorities in Britain, France and Jersey and the rules and recommendations of the RYA and FFV.

We will keep the situation under constant review in the run up to the regatta and update this information on the website as the situation becomes clearer.

We describe the racing as ‘gentleman’s racing’ and you can be as competitive or relaxed as you like. The rating system used is the JCH Classic Handicap which is free.

Most yachts designed before the end of 1968, approved designs from 1969 to the end of 1974, and later designs in classic style are eligible to take part. Full information is on the eligibility page.

Most yachts do the whole regatta, but there are options to do just sectors if time is limited. The regatta is a truly international event with past regattas attracting entries from Britain, France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and we look forward to more countries joining the list in future.

The regatta is run by Classic Channel Regatta Ltd for the CRAB (Classic Regattas Anglo-Breton) Association whose members are the regatta entrants and crews – so it is a truly democratic set up with the participants effectively owning the regatta and deciding how they would like it run. Read more on the CRAB association.

The regatta is also part of the Challenge Classique Manche-Atlantique (CCMA) series of races run by the Yacht Club Classique in France.