Paimpol Day Tours

Thursday will be the ‘Interlude Day’ – a day of rest and activities (which sounds bit of a contradiction, so perhaps we should call it Oxymoron Day!).

In the past many crews have said they find the pace of sailing and racing during the week a bit relentless, so we have introduced this Interlude Day as opportunity to wind down after four or five days of racing and passage making including a night at sea in the Channel Race.

It will be a chance to recover while soaking up the charms of Paimpol with its harbourside cafes and restaurants, and to spend time meeting up with and enjoying the company of the other crews. But for those still with energy to burn we are planning an activities and sports day which we hope will include:

  • A Britain v Europe cricket test match
  • A France v Rest of the World Boules tournament
  • Optimist racing
  • Inflatable dinghy racing
  • And more


For those wanting something less energetic and more cultural, there will be guided tours and excursions of:

  • The Harbour & Maritime Museum
  • The History of the Port and Town
  • Abbe de Beauport
  • Walk around the Guilben Peninsula


More information on these excursions can be found here.

There will be further activities laid on while the fleet is in port on the Finale Day on Saturday.