Exposure Lights Discount for Regatta Entrants



We are very pleased that Exposure Lights will be a sponsor of the regatta again this year and are offering some of their products as prizes for the Classic Channel Race.

We wouldn’t normally mail you with product information, but in this instance we think you may find it useful to know more about their product range and the 20% discount they are offering competitors before the regatta.

The information provided by them is set out below.


We are very pleased to be supporting the CCR again this year and would like you to know more about our products prior to the event so that we can help you sail safer and faster. We are offering a 20% discount throughout our marine range of sailing flashlights and OLAS tags creating a personal MOB alarm.

Your smart phone can now save your life – and spare you from your worst nightmare at sea!

Exposure’s research revealed that typically in many sailing partnerships at least one person has the underlying dread “what would I do if my partner went overboard”, meaning they find it difficult to relax or rest when the other is on deck alone. If you don’t know someone has gone overboard then it is impossible to react, and quick reactions save lives.

When your mobile device is paired with an OLAS wrist tag the App creates a virtual tether and will instantly set off a piercing alarm if someone has gone overboard breaking the connection. The screens then clearly and simply direct you back to exactly the point where the incident happened.

Visit www.alertandfind.com for more information and to use your exclusive discount code.

Exposure Lights – Marine focused search, work and head torches.

Exposure search lights offer high power outputs designed to illuminate large areas or pinpoint distant objects. The life time guaranteed LED’s and high capacity lithium ion batteries allow extended, full power, cable free operation for free movement on land or sea. All our marine lights are 100% waterproof and built to excel in the world’s toughest environments.

Our RAW Pro headtorch will make you rethink how you use light around your yacht. Built for sailors it has low red light as a priority, eliminating the chance of white glare which is so often thrown in the wrong direction whilst trying to mainting night vision. The RAW also offers easy, quick access to high power red and white outputs at a single press of a button.

(to watch the video of Dongfeng in action with the RAW Pro watch their latest video:

Our tried and tested XS range have been the go to light for Volvo Ocean Race sailors for the past two races more than proving that you can’t go wrong with simplicity. 2 modes, simple twist on and off and a compact aluminium casing make the XS’s as durable as they are versatile.

To redeem your discount simply enter the code CCR20 at the checkout.
Exposure lights

All photos taken at previous Classic Channel Regattas and reproduced by kind permission of Mike Wynne-Powell, Karine Gilles de Pelichy and waterlinemedia.com