JCH Classic Handicap – End of year newsletter


Every year the JCH Technical Committee of the JCH has worked on adjustments and evolutions that will
be implemented for the next year. The work focuses on themes proposed by some of you but also on
the ideas of the members of the JCH.

These are the main changes that will be applied in 2017:

  • more precise wording on what is allowed with bow sprits
  • deletion of any reference to spar colour
  • modification of the C2 value for “classic 2”: (0.08 instead of 0.12)
  • modification of the text relating to the material of the sails
  • authorization of battens in the fore sail but with a penalty
  • deletion of the penalty for roller bearing cars on the main sail luff
  • In 2017, a major study, initiated in 2016 (for possible application in 2018) will be carried out and
    uniquely for the JCH will take into account the performance factors of the different classes of boats.
    The first simulations carried out are very encouraging and should ultimately refine the quality of
    ratings applied.

    2016 was also an opportunity to develop the use of the JCH in England, Spain and Portugal. We are
    continuing our efforts to bring this system to a higher international level and believe that it will
    receive a good reception abroad.

    In 2017 a special effort will be made to intensify the actual measurement of vessels by inspection
    teams. The credibility of the JCH depends on it creating a level playing field where competitors
    believe that the standard is fair to all.

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    All photos taken at previous Classic Channel Regattas and reproduced by kind permission of Mike Wynne-Powell, Karine Gilles de Pelichy and waterlinemedia.com