2021 Pre-Registration for Previous Entrants

Please only complete this form if you have entered the Classic Channel Regatta before with the same boat. If you have not entered before, please complete our New Entries form.

We welcome pre-registrations from owners of all eligible boats.

We have set a maximum limit of 100 boats due to space constraints in the ports and to maintain the friendly atmosphere of the regatta.

Based on the numbers we have had previously we may be oversubscribed in 2021, so:

  • We are provisionally limiting the number of boats in Class 1&2 (pre-1968) and Class 3&4 (1969-1974) to 50 boats in each.
  • Pre-registrations will be treated on a first come first served basis, but we will notify all previous entrants and offer them a last opportunity to pre-register for a confirmed place before the limit in either class is reached.
  • Once these limits have been reached, further pre-registrations will be put on a waiting list for places to become available.

You can pre-register at any time without commitment, so do it soon to secure a place in the regatta.

Boats are encouraged to enter for the whole regatta, but there will be registration facilities at St Helier and Paimpol for any boats wishing to join there.

PRE-REGISTRATION (previous entrants) - 2021

  • You have already supplied us with some information. To avoid you having to enter it all again we will send you an email with the data we have on record, asking you to check it and supply any additional information we need. Please enter your name, email address and the information requested below and we will send you a "Classic Channel Regatta Data Form" in the near future.
  • To ensure that our records are complete and to ensure that we have all your contact details, please supply us with your MMSI number and Call Sign
  • Please specify materials of fore and aft, upwind sails (eg Dacron). The body of all sails shall consist only of a woven cloth throughout, except that a laminated ply, where the ply fibres are Polyester or Pentex, is permitted, but will incur a penalty. Any materials substantially incorporating carbon or aramid fibres (such as Kevlar) and designed for racing will be put the boat into Class 4.

    By completing this pre-registration form you are confirming that you are happy for us to hold your information and that you wish to continue receiving emails from us.

    We will hold your full contact details and information about your boat in our Regatta Management Database and in our Mailchimp lists, stored on servers outside of the UK (US and Canada).

    We are committed to behaving responsibly and will only send you emails that tell you about the Classic Channel Regatta and other regattas you may be interested in. We will not pass your details to third parties, except your name and email address to the Royal Dart Yacht Club in connection with Dartmouth Classics Weekend.