Dartmouth Classics

The 2021 Dartmouth Classics will run in conjunction with the first two days of the biennial Classic Channel Regatta. Boat are very welcome to join for just Dartmouth Classics – to enter, simply pre-register for Dartmouth Classics :

2021 Pre-registration

The eligibility rules are the same as for the Classic Channel Regatta except that:

  • The minimum LOA is reduced to 5.4 metres
  • There is an additional class 5 for ‘Gaffers and luggers designed after 1974 which are not admissible in other classes’

All classes will race to the JCH Classic Handicap. This is free and you can get your rating online.


Dartmouth Parade of Sail

All traditional and classic local boats, both power and sail, that were designed before 1969, or look like a pre-1969 design, are welcome to join the parade, even if they are not racing in the regatta.

  • There is no restriction on size.
  • The parade will start at approximately 10am on Tuesday July 6th (exact time t.b.c.).
  • It will run from the vicinity of the Higher Ferry to the mouth of the river.
  • Precise instructions on how to join the parade will be posted here one week in advance.
  • There will be no need to formally enter beforehand – just arrive at the designated muster point at the given time.