Information current as at 6 April 2021

With the continuing uncertainty about European travel this summer we feel it is time to let you know more about our contingency plans if travel is still restricted in July. We are ever hopeful that, with over three months still to go, the current Covid wave in Europe will subside soon and France will catch up on its vaccination roll-out so that the regatta will be able to go to Paimpol as planned. We also hope the Channel Islands will be open by July (both the indications they could be in a common travel area with the UK mainland, and the full page ‘Visit Jersey’ advertisements in the press in recent days, give us confidence they will be) but in case either or both are off limits, these are our alternative plans:

Plan B – (France is open, but Jersey is closed): The programme will be as published, but instead of going to Jersey, we will go to St Malo and spend a day there before racing to Paimpol.

Plan C – (France is closed, but Channel Islands are open): The programme will be as published through to Jersey. We will then have a race from Jersey to Guernsey (St Peter Port) where the Regatta would  finish as far as points are concerned. We may then have an at ‘epilogue’ race back to the British mainland for those boats wanting to race back. We have a provisional booking with St Peter Port harbour, the Guernsey yacht club is ready to welcome us and we have also applied to hold a get-together in the grounds of the castle.

Plan D – (both France and the Channel Islands are off limits): We really hope this worst case scenario won’t happen, but if it does, the programme will be as published for Dartmouth. Then in place of the Classic Channel Race we will run a race from Dartmouth around a course which will probably finish in Plymouth. We will set the course bearing in mind the weather so that it approximates the duration of the race to Jersey. After that we are looking at racing to a variety of Westcountry options including Salcombe, Fowey, Falmouth and the Helford River. We are currently working up more detailed plans for this and talking to the locals in these places to see for sure which ones can accommodate us and what facilities might be available including anchorage options. If we do have to fall back onto this last plan, then our colleagues in France will run a similar coastal regatta for the French entrants along the North Brittany coast from L’Aberwrach to get to Paimpol on the day scheduled for the whole regatta to arrive there. But let’s hope this won’t happen and we’ll all be there!

And as for social distancing, if it is still with us in July, as mentioned in our last newsletter, we are planning alternative outside social events with plenty of space around.

So, one way or another, we are determined the regatta will run – unless, that is, Covid has a nasty trick up its sleeve and we are all put back under house arrest (God forbid). However, if we have to adopt one of these contingency plans, the regatta of course won’t be the same as usual, but we believe it will still be a lot of fun.