Photographs by Stéphane Claeyssens


Photographs by Dart Harbour Authority


Both Stéphane’s photographs and Dart Harbout Authority’s are available in high resolution (file sizes 5MB or greater and typical dimensions of 5000 x 3500px) in return for a donation to Medecins sans Frontieres.

Please let us know which ones you would like by emailing your order to  Identify the photographs you would like by name, which can be found by hovering over the photo. Some of Stéphane’s photographs have descriptive names like “Kingswear Paddle Steamer” and some a number in brackets preceded by “ccr Lexar”.  The Dart Harbour ones have a number preceded by the words “Classic Yachts”. Please make sure it is clear which ones you would like.

We are making a small charge of £5 or 5€ per photo which we ask you to donate direct to Medecins sans Frontieres through our page at: The minimum donation via Just Giving is £10 or 10€ and increases in 10£/€ increments, so you can order 2 photos for the first £10 and thereafter in pairs if you want more. Once we have received your order and your donation has arrived we will send your photographs.

(Photographs will be transmitted by WeTransfer. You will be emailed a link from which you can download the high resolution images.)

Photographs by Lionel Villiers of Morvark


 Photographs by Mike Wynne-Powell

If you are interested in purchasing prints please contacthim directly:

Mike Wynne-Powell
The Coach House
01548 810407

Video from French Sailing Magazine “Voiles et Voiliers”



Video from John Walker of Topcameraman
with commentary by
 Heather of Woofstock UK

Parade of Sail
Soiree in the Old Market Square


Video from French TV Channel Tébéo

All photos taken at previous Classic Channel Regattas and reproduced by kind permission of Mike Wynne-Powell, Karine Gilles de Pelichy and