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Jubilé de Griffon

Pierre Loic Chantereau, a great character and the owner of Griffon, which is competing in this year’s Classic Channel Regatta, is celebrating Griffon’s jubilee with a gathering of classic yachts in her home port of Carteret.

On the Monday and Tuesday after the end of the Classic Channel Regatta  (17th and 18th July) he has organised this event to celebrate Griffon’s 50th birthday. This has been specially timed to follow the Classic Channel Regatta and all CCR entrants are invited to attend. The programme (in English) and information on fees for the Griffon Jubilee are attached.

Pierre Loic says “It is a good opportunity, especially for yachts sailing back to England, to discover the Port des Isles in Carteret and participate in a beautiful festive event”.

“The Royal Wet & Sea Association hopes to welcome many Classic Channel Regatta yachts to join us for the celebrations.”

The Royal Wet & Sea Association is a very exclusive ‘club’ – Pierre Loic is the president and membership is by his personal invitation – normally offered after quite a few drinks. It’s aims are somewhat vague, but going to sea and getting wet are high among them!

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All photos taken at previous Classic Channel Regattas and reproduced by kind permission of Mike Wynne-Powell, Karine Gilles de Pelichy and