Just Two Weeks to Go


Yes –only two weeks to go now until the start of the regatta.  As I write we have 87 confirmed entries, but that number bounces around a bit as some withdraw and other late entries come on board. We were up near the 100 mark a week ago, but have had a spate of withdrawals in the last few days, most common reasons being gear failure, refits running over time (what’s new there?) and kids’ graduation ceremonies – don’t universities understand that parents have better things to do in July than drink cheap wine on college lawns? But hearty congratulations to all those graduating or who have children graduating this summer.

Joining Instructions – These are included in the General Instructions which are now posted on the regatta website at http://www.classic-channel-regatta.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017-General-Instructions-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf  Please make sure you read them before arrival so you know where to go and what to tell the harbour staff – and where and when to register on arrival.

Getting this number of boats into Lezardrieux and into Paimpol in the limited time available before high water is going to be quite a challenge. Our French team have very well prepared plans which all skippers will be given and briefed on, but it’s worth emphasising now that it is going to be essential for all boats stick to the plan to make sure we get everyone in on time.

An important plea from our Race Director! – We need the information below to enable us to run a successful race programme. If you have not already done so, please help us by giving the necessary information as soon as possible, specifically:

Your boat’s JCH Rating
We still have 9 boats that have entered and have not applied for a JCH handicap. We will not be able to do this for you and if you arrive without having applied for a handicap – you will be allowed to race, but you will not receive a position.

Your Sail Numbers 
We have 3 boats with no sail numbers. You will be scored DNS (Did not start) if you do not have sail numbers displayed.

Sail Material
We have about 20 boats who have not declared the type of sail cloth they are using. If we find that the sails you are using are not in line with your JCH rating, and you have not declared your sail type in the entry form, we may put you into Class 4.

The Race Management Team wants to see all boats entered racing with Handicaps and Sail Numbers so please help us to help you by getting that information into the system as soon as possible. It’s no good expecting to be able to rock up and sort it out at registration, this all needs to be in the system before you arrive.

Charts – Dartmouth Chandlery has a stock of these Imray charts:

2510.5 Imray Chart of Isle de Brehat
2500.5 Imray Chart of Guernsey, Herm & Sark

Please order direct from them (Details in the General Instructions).
These are individual Charts (normally only sold as part of a folio) and are available for £9.95 each.

Regatta Clothing – Orders for embroidered and personalised regatta clothing have been flooding into our supplier, Snappy Crab in Dartmouth, and her machines are rattling away all day long. If you still want to place an order, all the information is on their website at http://www.snappycrab.co.uk/products/90/classic-channel-regatta/ . But please don’t leave it until the last minute as embroidery takes time and they can’t cope with a flood of last minute orders.

Danse des Classiques – you can read more about this fun event on the regatta website at http://www.classic-channel-regatta.eu/danse-des-classiques/. It will take place on the Thursday afternoon after the Île de Bréhat Race and picnic and there will be prizes for the best creatively dressed crew, boat, and music and dance. So you might like to start thinking now about getting into the creative spirit for it!

Dartmouth Saturday Crew Supper –this is almost fully booked now (in fact it was a few days ago until some cancellations came in), so if you want to change your crew numbers, do please let us know before arriving.

Send us a photo – Wherever you are coming from, we wish you a safe and enjoyable sail to Dartmouth (or St Peter Port or Paimpol if you are joining there). One boat has already arrived in Dartmouth from Scotland and another is currently in mid-Atlantic on her way back from Guadeloupe in the West Indies – we hope she doesn’t get stuck too long in the Bermuda–Azores high which looks quite extensive at the moment.

Post your picture on Facebook and like our page to keep up with all the news or, if you are using Instagram, mention @classicchannelregatta in the post and use the hashtag #classicchannelregatta.

Best wishes & fair winds – à bientôt a Dartmouth!

The Regatta Organising Team

All photos taken at previous Classic Channel Regattas and reproduced by kind permission of Mike Wynne-Powell, Karine Gilles de Pelichy and waterlinemedia.com